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Daughtry FAQ
Video Slots


The Object of the Game

A player tries to obtain a higher total card count than the dealer by reaching 21 or as close to 21 as possible without exceeding that count. If the player's total count exceeds 21, he has busted and must turn his cards face up at once. He has lost the bet, and the dealer immediately scoops it up. The player, at his proper turn of play and at his own discretion, may stand or draw up one or more cards in an attempt to better his count.

How to Play

Click on your chips to place a bet, when you're satisfied with your bet, click DEAL. To remove a bet from the table, click CLEAR BET.

You will be dealt 2 cards to start. If you want to receive another card to bring you closer to 21, click HIT. You can continue to HIT cards until you are pleased with your total. If you are satisfied with your hand, click STAND. Remember, if you go over 21, you have busted and you lose automatically. When you are finished playing your hand, the dealer will play out his. The dealer must HIT on 16 or less and must STAND on 17 or greater. The dealer will play his hand the same regardless of the players' hand. If the dealer goes over 21, or if he cannot beat your hand, you win! If the dealer's cards match yours, you PUSH. A PUSH will return your bet.

A winning hand pays 1:1, except for BLACKJACK, which pays 3:2.

When the round is over, click NEW GAME to start another round. You can click SAME BET to begin again with the same bet, or click your chips to change the wager.

Splitting Hands

When dealt a pair, you may exercise the option to split the pair by clicking the SPLIT button at the appropriate time. Please note that splitting requires another wager equal to that on the initial hand. You may split once to a maximum of two hands, but please note that when splitting Aces each new hand will receive only one more card. Also, natural 21's occurring on these split hands are not considered Blackjack.

Doubling Down

If you feel really strongly about your hand and want to get some more scratch out of the dealer, try to Double Down. When you do this, you will double your bet, but only receive one more card. Take advantage of this wager by clicking the DOUBLE button at the appropriate time.

Blackjack Insurance

If the dealer is showing an Ace as his face up card, then you'll be asked if you wish to buy Insurance. If you believe the down card will give the Dealer Blackjack, accept the wager by clicking YES when asked if you'd like it. Insurance will cost you half of your original bet, and will pay at 2:1 if the dealer has Blackjack.

Value of Cards

    The cards have the following value:

  • Aces count as either 1 or 11 - this value will default to 11 unless the hand would otherwise bust, in which case the Aces will be given a value of one.
  • Kings, Queens, and Jacks each have a count of 10.
  • All other cards are counted at their face value.

The Dealer's Turn at Play

  • If the player busts, the dealer's hand is counted, the cards are discarded, and all wagers are collected - the hand is over. However, if a player hand is still active, the dealer will play out his hand.
  • If his count is 17, 18, 19 or 20, the dealer must stay.
  • If his count is 16 or less, he must draw a card and continue to draw until his count reaches 17 or more - at which point he must stay. If the dealer holds a soft 17, i.e., a count that includes an ace, he must also stay. This also applies to a soft 18, 19 or 20.
  • It is important to note that the Blackjack dealer has no choice of whether to stay or draw. Decisions are pre-determined and known to the players. Since all the dealer's cards are exposed at his turn of play, he has no opportunity for any departure from these rules. The rule requiring the dealer to hit on 16 or less and stay on 17, 18, 19, 20 or 21 is standard today in all major casinos around the world.

Video Slots

Select the Slot game of your choice.

After the game has loaded you may modify the credit value you wish to play with by clicking on the OPTIONS button located on the top right of the screen. Select the – and + buttons in the BET field to decrease or increase your bet denominations.

When you have placed your bet, push SPIN to spin the reels and hit your payout. The slot machine will automatically BET MAX on the machine at 9 Lines in play and 5 coins per Line.


Clicking the PAYS button presents the pay table for the game at hand. This display indicates the payout amounts for each winning symbol combination and also explains any unique symbols or rules for the game. All line pay amounts indicated on the pay table are multiplied by the number of credits bet on each line and the coin denomination.

Wild Symbols

Some games have special symbols that count as WILD. When a wild symbol is present on an active pay line, it will substitute for any other symbol (except scatter or bonus symbols) to form a winning combination.

Scatter Symbols

Some games have special symbols that win no matter where they are located on the reels. These symbols are called SCATTER symbols. These symbols pay out based on the number of symbols showing on the reels.

Bonus Symbols

Some games have special symbols that activate a bonus round. These symbols are called BONUS symbols. These symbols pay out based on the play within the secondary bonus game.

Bonus Rounds

Video Slots can contain bonus rounds that can be played by receiving certain combinations of symbols on the reels.

Lucky Guitar Bonus

You can play the Lucky Guitar bonus round by getting at least three DAUGHTRY bonus symbols on any valid pay line.

You will be presented with a choice of up to five guitars to select from. Each guitar is a different weight, so choose carefully! You will be awarded between 5 and 40 times your wagered amount in the round.

Pay Lines

FAQs – Daughtry Games

  • What do I get when I register?
  • Do I get anything when I log in daily?
  • How do I win?
  • What’s D$ and XP?
  • Do I have to pay to play here?
  • What’s a Subscription?
  • What’s a Top Up?
  • Rotate Phone to Play
  • How to Turn off Orientation Lock
  • What to do with SessionID error
  • What to do if my game freezes
  • How Often does the Leaderboard change?
  • What time zone is the Leaderboard in?

What do I get when I register?

When you register for FREE at DAUGHTRY GAMES, you will receive 5000D$ and 5000XP to start your journey. You will use your D$ to play Blackjack and Slots and with every D$ won, you receive 1XP to climb up the leaderboard.

Do I get anything when I log in daily?

Yes! Each day you log into the site, you will collect 1000D$ and 500XP! You don’t have to play the games, but remember, the more you play, the more you can win!

How do I win?

The more DAUGHTRY XP Points you collect (your Score) - the higher you will rank on the Daily, Weekly, Monthly Leaderboards and in doing so increase your chances of being recognized by the Band. In addition, Bonus random rewards will also be awarded.

What’s D$ and XP mean?

D$ is the symbol we use for Daughtry Dollars. These D$ are used to play in the games. You receive free D$ every day you log into the site.


Please note, you cannot withdrawal D$ as this is a free virtual currency.

XP is the symbol we use for Experience Points. These XP are accumulated by each player and presented on our leaderboards. The higher you are on the leaderboard, the more likely you’ll be noticed by Chris and the band!

You can accumulate XP by playing in the games, participating in chat, entering our contests and many more ways to come!

When do I get my Daily Login reward?

The Daily Login reward is received every 24 hours from Last Daily Login.

Do I have to pay to play here?

Absolutely not! Daughtry Games awards each player 5,000D$ and 5,000XP on registration and 1,000D$ and 500XP EVERY DAY they log into the site.

If you run out of D$ while playing the games, you are able to either subscribe monthly or top-up your account with D$ for a fee.

What’s a Subscription?

There are multiple options to pay one-time and receive a monthly allocation of D$ on the same date you purchased.

For example, if you choose to pay one-time for 6 monthly installments of D$ on the 11th of December, then you will receive 50,000D$ on Dec 11th, Jan 11th, Feb 11th, Mar 11, Apr 11th and May 11th

When your subscription is due to end, you will receive a reminder email, should you wish to re-subscribe.

What’s a Top Up?

There are multiple options to pay one-time for an instant allocation of D$.

These are great options for someone who does not want to choose our subscription options; and for subscribers who are looking for additional funds before their next monthly allocation.

Rotate Phone to Play

If you are playing on a mobile device, in portrait mode, you will notice that you are prompted to rotate your phone. The black screen showing a mobile device means you need to rotate your device to the landscape mode. This allows you the optimal view of our games.

How to Turn off Orientation Lock

If you attempt to rotate your mobile device in order to play our games, and nothing happens, you’ll need to turn off your Orientation Lock.

Using Orientation Lock in iOS

  1. Swipe up from the very bottom of the display to summon Control Center – you can be on the lock screen, at the home screen, or in an app.
  2. Locate the Orientation Lock button in the upper right corner, tap on it to toggle OFF

Using Orientation Lock in Android

  1. Find your Settings app and open it.
  2. Tap Display under the Device heading
  3. Tap the checkmark next to Auto-Rotate screen to toggle ON

What to do with SessionID error or my Game Freezes?

If you see a pop up message, stating SessionID error or your game freezes when you try to play, it’s likely due to the website timing out.

For security reasons, the gaming site will time out periodically without constant action.

You simply need to log out and back into the site and you should have no issues playing your games again.

Should you continue to have issues, please contact Support at daughtrygames@backstageplay.com

How Often does the Leaderboard change?

Daughtry Games offers Daily, Weekly and Monthly leaderboards to track the player accumulation of XP.

  • The Daily leaderboard runs from 12.00am through 23.59pm EST.
  • The Weekly leaderboard runs from Sunday 12.00am through Saturday 23.59pm EST.
  • The Monthly leaderboard runs from the 1st of the Month through the last day of the Months.

What time zone does the leaderboard run on?

All leaderboards on the site run in EST (Eastern Standard Time).